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Ampatzoglou Petros: What does Mrs Freeman want

Here is the portrait of an extraordinary - yet in many ways typical - English couple, as seen through the eyes of a fascinated, ouzo-guzzling Greek narrator, reminiscing on a sun-drenched beach. Under his passionate, yet humorous, scrutiny, Mrs. Freeman and her...

6,33 € *

Zèi Alki: Achilles' fiancée

The scene is Paris, sometime after the military coup in Greece. Eleni, together with a group of her friends and fellow political exiles, finds herself working as an extra in a French film:'The Horror Train'.

15,19 € *

Kokantzis, Nikos: Gioconda

A love born during the years of the Occupation reaches a peak of intensity. As the two young people grow up, in love, thousands of people are dying of hunger, the innocent are being tortured and patriots executed. Love does not triumph, however, but is brought to an...

6,33 € *

Fakinou, Eugenia: Astradeni

P.240, "Grandma Eleni says it’s my name, Astradeni, that’s to blame, because Astradeni means ' the one who binds the stars.' And who, other than a fairy creature, can bind the stars? I don’t tell anyone this, of course…" Symi, the small island near Rhodes, is where...

11,50 € *

Tsirkas, Stratis: Drifting cities

This trilogy, The Club, Ariagni, The Bat, is the saga of three cities-Jerusalem, Cairo and Alexandria-which are drifting towards chaos in a war-torn Middle East. At its centre is Manos: poet, lover of life, man of intellect and integrity, hero of the Greek war...

28,89 € *

Lymperaki Margarita: Three Summers

".... The hat summer we bought big straw hats. Maria's had cherries around the rim, Infanta's had forget-me-nots, and mine had poppies as as fire. When we lay in the hayfield wearing them, the sky, the wildflowers, and the three of us all melted into one..." "Three...

13,00 € *

Plaskovitis Spyros: The facade lady of Corfu

In his brilliantly constructed novel, Spiros Plaskovitis counterpoints his enigmatic heroine-Anghelina Dassiou-against the touristic "Development" (or Destruction?) of most Greek islands today.Anghelina, although forced by circumstances to work as a sales-lady in a...

13,93 € *

Dimitriou, Sotiris: Woof, woof, dear Lord

We are sad creatures. I am a prostitute running to seed and my last asset is an idiot son.I am a street- sweeper collapsing under the weight of time and my own obesity. I am a foul-mouthed and repellent daughter desperately in need of a man. Sad creatures. Simple...

6,33 € *

Papadaki, Alkyoni: The colour of the moon

Awarded first prize by the Greek Wtiters' Association "...-What colour is sadness? asked the star of the cherry tree as it left the frayed end of a cloud passing by in a hurry. Didn't you hear ? I asked you : what colour is sadness? -It's the colour the sea takes...

9,65 € *

Nikolaïdis Aristote: Vanishing point

Aristotelis Nikolaidis, psychiatrist and profilic novelist and poet, relates how a certain individual slowly vanishes from view, a process that becomes strangely contagious.

13,93 € *

Panselinos Alexis: Betsy lost

What happens when three young lawyers set off at night into unknown parts of town in search of a stolen motorcycle? Alexis Panselinos tells us all this and more in a story which is sometimes surreal, always tender, subtle, sad and extremely funny.

6,33 € *

Milionis, Hristoforos: Kalamas and Acheron

A cycle of stories, closely connected, which can be read as a novel, where the two rivers Acheron and Kalamas symbolically become the boundary between life and death.

7,60 € *

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