Cheimonas Giorgos: The builders

Cheimonas Giorgos: The builders
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Giorgos Heimonas was born at Kavala in 1939. He studied psychiatry at the University of Athens... mehr
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Giorgos Heimonas was born at Kavala in 1939. He studied psychiatry at the University of Athens and the University of Paris, and he lives in Athens, where he works as a professor, physician, and author. His mysterious and moving narratives have made him one of Greece’s most reknowned contemporary writers. To enter into a Heimonas text is not so much to read the written word as to experience it. His characters repeatedly suggest that the word of their experience flows through the body toward the lips but never reaches speech. Accordingly, Heimonas creates a metamorphosed language and a genre which are neither poetry nor fiction in a conventional sense yet share certain qualities of each. In The Builders the protagonist is the herald of a new order of speech and feeling. The text suggests that we cease, as it were, to listen to experience with our neighbour's ear; rather we should feel the world through a sort of language of the nerves. Thus, the narrative does not articulate an idea or situation so much as pulses with sensations of pain, joy, discovery. The feeling of existence becomes its meaning. In Heimonas' words, the world becomes an image and humanity itself the message.
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