Αρκάς: The Big Good Wolf

Αρκάς: The Big Good Wolf

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Κόμικς [DDC: 741.5] Χιούμορ [DDC: 808.87] Can a wolf fall in love with a sheep? Could he, where other wolves see a tasty meal, see his other half? Could he turn vegetarian for the sake of love? Or lie awake at night, singing songs about his sheepheart? Could he fearlessly face the sheepdogs, no matter how badly they beat him? This wolf can, and hes not a Big Mad Wolf. Hes a Wool-Wooing Wolf who sees the good side of everybody. He insists that the world will one day be a better place. Hes the Big Bad Wolf turned good! A book of true love, heroism, friendship and stalking.

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