Patra, the Face of the City:

Patra, the Face of the City:

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[...] This publication, which started out from an idea conceived by Petros Synadinos, traces the face of the city through a carefully studied photographic itinerary derived through the buildings, the streets and the squares, the occupations and the life of the citizens, day and night. The same face is revealed in the texts of distinguished contributors, who throw light from many angles, in an apt manner which is often autobiographical, on people, events and actions which run through the culture, education, history, architecture, urban planning, economy and society as environments which show continuity and fresh starts, which interpret without being explained, which are interpreted without explaining. An approach to the city which is made with love, an approach which does not conceal the problems, but understands them. [...] (από την εισαγωγή του βιβλίου)

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