Maniotis, Giorgos: Two Thrillers

Maniotis, Giorgos: Two Thrillers

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Newlyweds arrive at an old hotel where they are to spend their honeymoon. But someone is conspiring against their life and their happiness. Death lies in wait at every turn. The hotel is occupied only by the newlyweds, the elderly owners and their strange son. Just how will this all end? Will the newlyweds escape the clutches of the crazed killer and fulfill the rosy expectations of their life? A man sentenced to life is released from prison and immediately hired as a servant by an extremely rich woman; he settles in her mansion but with misgivings. This enormous place is haunted by shadows and ghosts, mystery and threat. Two opposing worlds are poised on the verge of all-out conflict. In the end, who will be the victimizer and who the victim?

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