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Cheimonas Giorgos: The builders

Giorgos Heimonas was born at Kavala in 1939. He studied psychiatry at the University of Athens and the University of Paris, and he lives in Athens, where he works as a professor, physician, and author. His mysterious and moving narratives have made him one of...

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Theodoris, Panos: The Sacred Child

1339. A dark and difficult time. Romania is rent by disputes among warring royal houses striving for ascendancy. Knights errant, blood-thirsty nobles, scheming courtiers and mysterious travelers in the night play leading parts in a bloody game of supremacy. The monk...

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Patra, the Face of the City:

[...] This publication, which started out from an idea conceived by Petros Synadinos, traces the face of the city through a carefully studied photographic itinerary derived through the buildings, the streets and the squares, the occupations and the life of the...

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Kampanellis, Iakovos: Mauthausen

Mauthausen by Iakovos Kampanellis Beginning with the liberation of Mauthausen concentration camp by the Americans and continuing through the months that followed before the prisoners were repatriated, Iakovos Kambanellis tells the story of a remarkable love affair...

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Ioannou, Giorgos: Good Friday Vigil

Ôhe protagonist in each of these stories is a solitary individual, alienated from society, haunted by memories, fascinated by the disgusting, obsessed with the relationship between love and death, and fetishistically attached to certain objects that bear the traces...

6,33 € *

Douka, Maro: Fools gold

This is how Myrsini Panayotou, an Athenian girl about to start university, learns of the coup d' etat that brought to power the infamous dictatorship of the 'Colonels' in her country in the early hours of 21st Arpril 1967. The child of a well-to-do family, Myrsini...

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Mpakolas, Nikos: Crossroads

Crossroads by Nikos Mpakolas Salonica, the crossroads between East and West& 20th century the city in which four lives cross, directly or indirectly& Editions Kedros, Athens, 507 pages.

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Heimonas, Giorgos:

Giorgos Heimonas was born in Kavala in 1938 and died in Paris in 2000. He studied psychiatry at the University of Athens and the University of Paris, and he lived in both Athens and Paris; he has worked as a professor, physician, and author. His mysterious and moving...

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Koumandareas, Menis: Koula

Translated by Kay Cicellis P.80, A " brief encounter" on the Athenian Underground brings together two people, Koula and Dimitris, from entirely different backgrounds and ages. For a few weeks they manage to break loose from their respective shackles and meet in a...

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Kotzias, Alexandros: Jaguar

Translated by H.E.Criton P.128, The author has called The Jaguar " an extravagant story." He employs an extravagant style to stress the irony of his heroine’s attempt to preserve a false image of her moral superiority in the process of promoting selfish ends. The...

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Ritsos, Iannis: Iconostasis of Anonymous Saints

This work of Ritsos, is it a novel with an emphatic question-mark added by the poet himself? Is it a roman fleuve in the sense of the Proust's "Remembrance of things past"? Is it a wild prose-poetic fling in a "sarcastic climate"? Or is it an autobiography of...

16,50 € *

Megalou-Seferiadi, Lia: The Joy is in the...

This "healing" book plunges the reader in a world full of sea, colours, light and cool breeze that portray the many facets of Greek life, and at the same time gives simple, every day, apparently unimportant facts their real value. "Whoever derives pleasure from...

17,50 € *

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